Massive hospital inaugurated in Istanbul

Massive hospital inaugurated in Istanbul

Massive hospital inaugurated in Istanbul

Başakşehir City Hospital has become fully operational in Istanbul with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who joined the event via video conference.

Speaking at the inauguration of the hospital, Erdoğan said that it adds to the deep-rooted and multidimensional Turkish-Japanese friendship.

Başakşehir Çam and Sakura (pine and cherry blossom) City Hospital was developed jointly by local Rönesans Healthcare and the Japan-based Sojitz Corporation.

Touting the brand-new facility, Erdoğan called it “one of the proud monuments of Istanbul not only in terms of aesthetics, but also with its technological infrastructure, associated buildings, location, facilities and other features.”

Such hospitals put Istanbul on the international map in terms of health care, he added.

Başakşehir City Hospital, which has the capacity to serve up to 35,000 outpatients a day, will play a crucial role in the fight against the coronavirus, Erdoğan said, noting that due to its physical proximity to the mega Istanbul Airport, the facility will also welcome international patients as well.

Turkey and Japan are setting examples of success at a time when health systems are crumbling. We are able to provide uninterrupted health services. We do not lack any medical equipment,” Erdoğan said.

He also noted that the number of recorded daily coronavirus cases in Turkey dropped below 1,000 and said that Turkey has sent medical aid to 82 nations.

“We will continue to mobilize all our resources available for the humanity,” the president added.

Erdoğan thanked Abe for joining him in the inauguration of the hospital.

For his part, the Japanese prime minister wished well to the Turkish people and said new hospital’s name “Çam” symbolized health and the Japanese Sakura cherry blossom.

“I am very happy to meet you after our phone call with Mr. Erdoğan the other day. During our phone conversation, I was invited to participate in the inauguration ceremony via videoconference,” Abe said. “I also participated in the opening ceremony of Marmaray [underwater railway] seven years ago.”

Abe said he respected Turkey’s efforts against the spread of the coronavirus, under the “strong” leadership of Erdoğan and the government.

“I would like to convey my appreciation and gratitude to everyone that was a part of this initiative. Çam and Sakura City Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Turkey, equipped with the latest technology.”

The first phase of the hospital, which was developed under Turkey’s Transformation in Health Project, was launched on April 20. It is comprised of 10 different blocks, built on a total of 789,000 square meters of land. It has 725 outpatient clinics, four emergency units, 90 operating rooms and 456 intensive care beds.

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