Manyas Bird Paradise welcomes new chicks

Manyas Bird Paradise welcomes new chicks

Manyas Bird Paradise welcomes new chicks

The hatching period has started in Manyas Bird Paradise National Park, located within the borders of Bandırma district in the northwestern province of Balıkesir and home to hundreds of thousands of creatures of 266 species.

Migratory birds that came to the Bird Paradise in February and March were incubated in 58 artificial nests made by officials. The chicks began to hatch in April.

The chief of Manyas Bird Paradise National Parks and biologist, Kader Güleç, said that bird chicks learn how to fly with their mothers.

Covering an area of 24,000 hectares, the Manyas Bird Paradise National Park was included in the Ramsar Convention in 1994 and was declared a first-degree natural site. It was awarded a Class A European Diploma in 1976, a status granted by the Council of Europe. At the same time, the area is one of the Ramsar Sites of Turkey.

While migratory birds incubate in 58 artificial nests, the sanctuary also welcomes species such as pelican, cormorant, spoonbill, glossy ibis, small bittern, night heron, great crested grebe, wild goose, waterhen, wild duck, squacco heron, purple heron and marsh warbler.

The platforms where the birds incubate in Manyas Bird Paradise National Park are also monitored by a drone.

Güleç stated that the reproduction season of birds has recently begun, saying: “It is the fourth national park which was declared a national park in 1959 by the decision of the Council of Ministers. We have 266 bird species, 419 plant species and 34 fish species. Not only is it a strict preservation zone, but the entire lake is located within the borders of the national park.

Our 105 species here are among the reproductive species. Some of them are native species while some are migratory species. We also have species that stay here all the time, and there are species that stop over during migration.”