Mankind ‘failing’ multiculturalism: Turkey’s top cleric

Mankind ‘failing’ multiculturalism: Turkey’s top cleric

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Mankind ‘failing’ multiculturalism: Turkey’s top cleric

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All religions, beliefs and cultures are intertwined, Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) head Mehmet Görmez said on April 11, adding with “regret” that mankind is failing to manage this multiculturalism.

“People’s worlds are intertwined and distances have shortened, but people’s tolerance toward each other has reduced,” said Görmez, speaking at an event in the Lanxess Arena in the German city Cologne to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

“Muslims in Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo and all over the world are in difficult situations,” he added, calling on all those who profess love for the Prophet to turn this love into social peace and justice.

Former German President Christian Wulff also participated in the event, where he said the “Quran does not approve of violence and terror.”    

Wulff called on people of different religions and cultures living in Germany to recognize each other. “The more we recognize each other, the more happily we live,” he said.

Germany, home to millions Muslim emigrants, is experiencing ongoing debates over the charged issue of multiculturalism. While the country’s leaders call for the level of social integration of migrant families to be raised, the anti-immigration movement PEGIDA has staged rallies in a number of cities.