Man collects 200,000 stamps in half century

Man collects 200,000 stamps in half century

Man collects 200,000 stamps in half century

An 81-year-old philatelist living in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri has said he has collected over 200,000 stamps in 50 years.

“I have every kind of stamp. I look after them neatly,” Fevzi Ablak, a pensioner, told Demirören News Agency on Aug. 19.

The father of five noted that his philately started a century ago after he read a story about stamps in a magazine.
“Then this became my passion. I collected all kinds of stamps in years.”

He has been living in Soğanlı, a tiny neighborhood in the Yeşilhisar district, since he was born but his love for stamps made him visit many parts of the country, especially Istanbul.

“I visited Istanbul many times for stamp collecting. I collected most of my stamps from there,” he added.

When asked if he had stamps from other parts of the world, he said, “The first stamp was published in Great Britain. I have some earlier British stamps.”

His intention is to show his stamps to everybody, which is why he opened an exhibition in 2008 in his neighborhood.
“I take good care of my stamps,” he said.

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