Man arrested after attacking hospital staff in Ankara

Man arrested after attacking hospital staff in Ankara

Man arrested after attacking hospital staff in Ankara

One man was arrested and four others were detained but released later after attacking health care workers at Ankara University’s Cebeci Hospital.

The incident occurred in the capital late on Nov. 13 in the infant ward of the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital.

A child was brought to the hospital following an accident and the health workers at the facility managed to save the kid’s life.

But believing the kid was dead, the patient’s relatives tried to force their way into the ICU and assault the health workers.

The health workers barricaded themselves inside the ICU with medical equipment and blocked the room’s doors.

The hospital’s own security guards fist confronted the attackers until the police teams arrived at the scene.

Five of the assailants were detained. One of them was arrested and four others were released, with one of them being released on bail.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca condemned the attack in Ankara.

“We saw yet another attack on health workers. They will be held accountable before court, but they will not be able answer their children’s questions [about the attack],” Koca wrote on twitter.

The health workers’ union (SES) also issued a statement, condemning the incidents, sharing the video on its social media outlet showing the moments the health workers came under attack.

“We will continue to fight against the violence in the health care sector,” it said.

In the face of attacks on health workers, parliament adopted a regulation in April envisaging heavy sanctions on the violence against health workers.