Malatya Film Festival hosts panel, screening

Malatya Film Festival hosts panel, screening

MALATYA - Anatolia News Agency

A panel discussion on “Road Stories in Turkish Cinema” was held Nov. 21 as part of the second Malatya International Film Festival, which is continuing in the eastern province of Malatya.

Panel speakers included associate professors Aslı Kotaman, Aslı Akdağ and Sermin Çakmak from the Istanbul Plato Vocational School, who highlighted the similarities of road stories in Turkish cinema films.

Kotaman said travel stories in cinema were an attempt to seek an answer, but the answer was never found. “The theme of mental travel is very common in the new period of Turkish cinema. Characters go to travel in order to find answers to various questions. This is the same in literature,” she said.

Also, as part of the festival, the film “Saklı Hayatlar” (Hidden Lives), which competed in the national film category, was screened for the first time. Director Haluk Ünal answered the questions of viewers at the end of the film screening.

A film was screened at the festival for those who were visually handicapped