Maiden’s Tower reopened with light shows

Maiden’s Tower reopened with light shows

Ali Rıza Akbulut - ISTANBUL
Maiden’s Tower reopened with light shows

With the completion of the restoration works, the Maiden’s Tower was opened to visitors late on May 11 with light and laser shows, and entries will be free until the end of May.

The restoration process at the Maiden’s Tower started in September 2021 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay, Prof. Dr. Feridün Çılı and master architect Han Tümertekin, who were on the scientific board of the tower. The two-year restoration work ended on May 11, and the tower reopened its doors to visitors with a laser and light show organized at 9 p.m.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy also visited the restored Maiden’s Tower with his wife, Pervin Ersoy.

“The light and laser show, in which the mythical love story between Galata Tower and Maiden’s Tower is scripted, will be repeated every evening. Istanbulites will be able to watch Istanbul from the Maiden’s Tower. The monument will now be in the form of a museum. Until the end of May, the entries and transportation to the tower will be free of charge,” Ersoy said, giving information about the shows.

According to the minister, within the scope of the renovation works on the historic tower, the walls and the dome were built with wooden carriers on the balcony floor carcass of the tower in accordance with the original.

While the dome was covered with lead, which was its original material, the copper realm was covered with gold after the conservation works. The historical body walls of the building were reinforced with invisible stainless-steel tensioners and the original walls of the tower were revealed. The perimeters of the building were reinforced with concrete support beams, concrete slabs and anchored piles.

In addition, a lightning rod was built on the top of the tower as a preventative measure against adverse weather conditions.

New areas were also created for visitors to tour and climb the stairs to the tower. Clean water pipes and electricity lines of the tower were renovated as well.

Ersoy also reminded that the historic tower was renovated in accordance with its original state and that “all kinds of non-original additions from the previous restorations were removed.”

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