Maguy Marin to perform in Turkey for first time

Maguy Marin to perform in Turkey for first time

Maguy Marin to perform in Turkey for first time

Maguy Marin, a prominent figure in contemporary dance who art lovers have been waiting for years to see, is coming to Turkey for the first time.

Marin, one of the pioneers of a new wave of dance in France, will be on stage tonight at Cemal Reşit Rey (CRR) Concert Hall with his stage choreography and a masterpiece called May B.

Created with the use of sound, object, movement and music, May B has been watched all over the world for 40 years since it was first performed in 1981.

May B, inspired by the texts of Samuel Beckett, is known as a very powerful theatrical work with its unique language created by Marin purely through movement and facial expressions. The reflection of loneliness, grudge, ambition, greed and Beckett’s pathetic characters, the cruel and love-hungry states of humanity, are staged with a humorous and fascinating choreography.

Born in Toulouse, France, Marin is the child of a Spanish family who fled the Franco regime. Marin started dancing with classical ballet and attended the school of Maurice Béjart in 1970. He became a principal dancer in the Ballet of the 20th Century (Ballet du XXe siècle) and began creating his own dances at that time.

The famous choreographer is the recipient of many awards, including the 2003 American Dance Festival and 2016 Venice Biennale Golden Lion lifetime achievement awards.