Lycian Way awaits adventurers

Lycian Way awaits adventurers

Lycian Way awaits adventurers

When tourism and Turkey are mentioned together, one might think about the country's countless blue-flagged beaches and ancient sites, but it is also home to one of the world's longest footpaths- the Lycian Way.

The Lycian Way, named after the ancient civilization of Lycia, runs 540 kilometers (335 miles) along the Mediterranean coast from Muğla province to southern Antalya.      

With its vast length, it may appear intimidating at first glance, but trekkers have the option of starting off from different parts of the ancient pathway and enjoying shorter routes.       

Those who take on the challenge of completing the route will be journeying through rocky, mountainous terrain, abandoned beaches, dense forests, hill peaks and ancient ruins.      

In order to prevent adventurers from getting lost, rocks along the footpath are marked with red and white stripes.      

There are also water wells scattered along the path to help prevent travelers from becoming dehydrated.      

Certain must-have items in a trekker's backpack make their journey easier and more enjoyable, including a tent, sleeping bag, trekking shoes, water flask, small kitchen set, towel, first aid kit, blanket and sunglasses.         

Ancient Lycia consisted of a federation of cities called the Lycian League – the first known democratic union in history. Its largest cities were Xanthos, Patara, Myra, Pinara, Tios and Olympos.         

Today, the Museum of Lycian Civilizations in the town of Demre in Antalya province awaits visitors. Those hungry for more information about this ancient civilization can view the artifacts and historic sites there.