Lovebirds posing in Edirne

Lovebirds posing in Edirne

EDİRNE - Doğan News Agency
Lovebirds posing in Edirne

Newlyweds choose historical places in the city as the background for their wedding photo shoots. DHA photos

The northwestern city of Edirne, which was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire for 92 years, has seen a spike in interest among newlywed couples. A photographer from the city, Murat Oğuz Dıramalı, says newlyweds find Edirne’s historical character particularly attractive.

“Historical artifacts embellish a couple’s wedding photos and become one of their most important souvenirs,” he said.

The most popular areas in Edirne to have photos taken to commemorate wedding ceremonies are generally the Selimiye Mosque, the Hıdırlık Bastion, the old train station and the historical bridges of Edirne. Generally, couples prefer outdoor areas over indoor studios during the summer months for their photo shoots, as they are looking for more natural photographs, according to Dıramalı.

“Historical venues have become the first choice for the couples, and they wear their wedding gowns and tuxedos at them. It becomes one of their most important memories,” he said.

Rich culture

Noting that Edirne was once the Ottoman capital, Dıramalı said it was culturally a very rich city, and added that he also made photo albums for his customers upon request.

“Depending on the number of the photos and venues, the prices for a shoot can range from 300 to 2,000 Turkish Liras.”

Train stations, bridges and old palaces are popular venues for newlyweds’ photos, said Dıramalı. “Couples think that this will be the most important souvenir in their lives, that’s why they choose to have their photos taken in those historical places,” he said.

In addition to newlywed couples, Dıramalı said couples who also had their photos taken in Edirne for events like their five-year anniversary. “Historical structures draw the attention of everyone. Even couples who aren’t newlyweds wear wedding gowns and tuxedos for the photo shoots.” said Dıramalı.

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