Locals collect waste oil to raise money for stray animals

Locals collect waste oil to raise money for stray animals

Locals collect waste oil to raise money for stray animals

People in a neighborhood in the western province of İzmir’s Karabağlar district have been collecting waste oil for raising money to buy food for stray animals.

Locals deliver the waste oil from their homes and businesses that organize large gatherings to a company accredited with the Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change Ministry for recycling. With the money they raise, they buy food for stray animals. The money also goes for the treatment of those animals.

“Previously, we used to feed those animals with whatever we had. But their numbers increased, and we couldn’t afford to do that anymore. We had to find a solution,” said Fatma Yılmazer, a resident.

She recalled that they figured out that if they would collect waste oil and sell it, they could raise enough money to buy food for those animals.

When they took the initiative, other people started to join them, Yılmazer said.

“A non-governmental organization helped us get in touch with companies that are approved by the Environment Ministry to recycle waste oil. The company is paying 9 Turkish Liras (around $0.6) for a liter of waste oil,” she said, adding that locals have already collected around 130 liters of waste oil in two months.

“We asked people living in our neighborhood to help with our efforts, and the response has been great. Almost everyone brings in their waste oil,” she said.

Noting that large social events take place in their neighborhood, such as wedding ceremonies or diners after funerals, where lots of oil is used in cooking, she said: “We can collect as much as 5 liters of waste oil after a weeing ceremony. We are really happy about doing something right.”

Fatma Kıran, another local, said that with the money they raise, they do not only buy food but also pay for the expenses for the treatment of stray animals.

They distribute around 15 kilograms of food to those animals each week, Kıran added.

“The neighborhood is close to a highway, and there are many summerhouses nearby and an animal shelter. People abandon their animals that were treated at the shelter here. Vacationers are also doing the same thing. That’s why we have a lot of stray animals in our neighborhood,” Gövher Konuk said.

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