Local man collects items belonging to nomadic culture

Local man collects items belonging to nomadic culture

Local man collects items belonging to nomadic culture

A local man in the northwestern province of Bursa exhibits nearly 1,000 items reflecting the Yorük-Türkmen tradition in his house, which he has turned into a museum.

Akman, who was also the chairman of the Bursa Ertuğrulgazi Osmangazi Yörük-Türkmen Association in the past, organized many events in order to pass on his culture to future generations.

He then decided to collect some items Yörüks used on a daily basis in the past.

Having displayed the old items brought to the nomadic tents they set up in the districts of Bursa, Akman moved them to his house when there was no room for new pieces in the center of the association.

Akman now exhibits nearly 1,000 items, including agricultural tools, kitchen utensils and clothes, which have a place in the Yörük-Türkmen tradition, at his home.

His collection includes many pieces from sackcloth loom to old coins, from rifle to dowry chest.

Welcoming its guests with local clothes, the Akman family tries to pass on their culture to future generations.

Among the tribes of Turks that migrated to Anatolia from Central Asia, those who settled are called “Manav,” while others are called Yörük (Türkmen).

Similar to all nomadic communities, the Yörüks also have blended their daily life routine with the migration culture.