Lebanese film at weekly event

Lebanese film at weekly event

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Lebanese film at weekly event

The film tells the story of abducted people following the Lebanese civil war.

Beşiktaş Municipality’s “A Documentary, A Journalist, Tea and Simit” event will continue with a Lebanese documentary on Dec. 21.

“Malaki – Scent of an Angel” will be on screen on Dec. 21 at the Beşiktaş Municipality Levent Culture Center. The film will be shown with English and Turkish subtitles.

Directed by Khalil Dreifus Zaarour, the film revolves around the families of abducted persons during and in the aftermath of the Lebanese civil war. It sheds light on the trauma of six different families constantly teetering on the brink.

The premise of the film is humane for it depicts the broken emotional ties within the family away from any political implication. The film combines real interviews within a surreal set on the one hand, and surreal fiction on the other hand. The interviews reveal the family’s reaction toward the abduction of a loved one.
The next film of the event will be Mehmet Özgür Candan’s “Geçmiş Mazi Olmadı” (Past is not a history) on Dec. 28.

Attendance in the event is free.

“A Documentary, A Journalist, Tea and Simit” is organized in collaboration with the Turkish Journalists’ Association, and the Documentary Filmmakers’ Union. The first event was held in February 2010; 51 documentaries from seven countries have since been screened every Wednesday.
Following every screening, a discussion is organized with the participation of the documentary’s director and others.