Latest film of Turkish horror series ‘Dabbe’ returns to screen

Latest film of Turkish horror series ‘Dabbe’ returns to screen

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Latest film of Turkish horror series ‘Dabbe’ returns to screen

Director Hasan Karacadağ’s horror series ‘Dabbe’ will also be released in some European countries and Japan as well as in Turkey.

The horror series “Dabbe” is an example of the new horror genre in Turkish cinema, also represented by the recent movies “Okul” (The School) and “Büyü” (Witchcraft). The third installment in the series, “Dabbe: A Demon Case,” by director Hasan Karacadağ, comes to the silver screen today.

Although only 80 copies of the first film in the series, “D@bbe,” were released, it broke audience records, with 488,000 people seeing the movie in six weeks in 2006.

The title of the film, “D@bbe,” or “Dabbe-ul Arz” can be translated as “Earth Walker.” According to the Quran, the appearance of the Dabbe is one of the many signs of the approach of the apocalypse. The Dabbe is described as an entity that comes from the soil, spreads like a spider’s web, and affects many people at the same time.

‘We want to destroy clichés’
Turkish-born director Karacadağ currently lives in Japan and has made a masterful use of Japanese film techniques in the latest movie, which features young actors for the most part.

Karacadağ said he wanted to break down the idea that audiences are not interested in Turkish films, especially in the summer months, and has accordingly released his film in August.

“Many people have twisted minds: They think audiences don’t watch Turkish films during the summer season, and it is impossible to do well at the box office. But I am determined to destroy such clichés. We shouldn’t forget the tradition of Yeşilçam [Turkey’s “Hollywood” of the 1950s-70s]. We may be taking a risk, but someone has to,” said Karacadağ.

Some 200 copies of the film will be released today. “‘Dabbe: A Demon Case’ is the best horror movie I have made, and it will come out in the middle of the summer and Ramadan. I am trying to present the cinema sector and audiences with something new. I believe we will be successful,” Karacadağ said.

“Dabbe 3” tells the story of Ceyda and her family as they have metaphysical experiences. Seven mysterious nights are described in the film.

According to some information, the film is about the first metaphysical case recorded on tape, and the story is based on real cases at the Gülhane Military Medical Academy. The film will also be released in some European countries and Japan. The moment the film’s trailer was released it made headlines on important film news websites. The cast includes actors Nihan Aypolat, Koray Kadirağa, Pervin Bağdat, Elif Erdal, Mete Şahinoğlu, İsmail Yıldız, Nalan Örgüt, Elçin Atamgüç, Su Burcu Yazgı and Ceren Sertaç.

Other films Karacadağ has directed include his 1999 debut “Hummadruz”, “D@bbe” (2006), “Semum” (2007), “Dabbe 2” (2009), and “El-Cin” (2012).