Lake Tuz shrinking due to drought

Lake Tuz shrinking due to drought

Lake Tuz shrinking due to drought

The layers of salt in Lake Tuz, Turkey’s second-biggest lake, is diminishing as the water mass of the lake is shrinking, an expert warned on June 6.

“Due to drought, the lake faces the threat of shrinking, as the water has ebbed around a kilometer,” Hatice Ünal Ercan told Demirören News Agency.

Some parts of the lake have turned pink due to some organic changes, such as changing salinity levels and the presence of algae in the water, the expert added.

Located inside the borders of three Central Anatolian provinces of Aksaray, Ankara and Konya, the saline Lake Tuz is a base for flamingos in spring and fall seasons and a tourism hub for visitors in summers.

“The water of the lake used to be just aside the main road between Ankara and Aksaray. Now the border of the lake is 1 kilometer away from the road,” she noted.