Kurşunlu district’s healthy water calls foreign tourists to Manisa

Kurşunlu district’s healthy water calls foreign tourists to Manisa

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Kurşunlu district’s healthy water calls foreign tourists to Manisa

Patients come to Kurşunlu to receive 21 baths over 10 days as well as receive physical treatments. AA Photos

Kurşunlu Spring in Manisa’s Salihli district attracts tourists with its healthy waters. The spring waters of Kurşunlu contain over 2,000 milligrams of minerals in each liter. According to the latest information taken from the area, due to its healthy environment reservations at the hotel have reached full capacity for 2014.

The water of Kurşunlu is believed to heal rheumatism problems. Patients who are suffering from skin problems, arthritis, breathing problems and also nervous system issues visit the spring.

Kurşunlu Spring manager Savaş Ermaner said most visitors have health problems.

Kurşunlu Spring spreads to 35,000 square meters land and the hotel has many facilities such as saunas, massage rooms and spring water currents, he said. The facility has 86 apartments and 170 bedrooms.

Ermaner said there were 10-day cure programs at the facility. The cure programs attract many visitors, said Ermaner.

“The spring waters of the facility attract many visitors. Especially lots of guests prefer to come here for 10 day programs,” he added.

The magnesium- and sulfur-infused water is good for bone and muscle aches, he said.

Ermaner added that the facility had been renovated in 1988 and during the last two years the facility was rebuilding and renovating, he said.

HDN Foreign tourists

Tourists from abroad come to the facility with the support of the government, said Ermaner. Some people may receive a doctor’s report and come to the spring waters for healing.

These patients receive 21 baths over 10 days and also receive physical treatments. “During the day 40 or 50 patients come along, and lots of them loved it here,” he said.

In the past those patients came with a doctor’s report. “During last three years the fullness of the facility has dropped a little bit,” he said but the foreign tourist figure has increased.

They have heard that the Health Ministry will allow medical doctors to give referrals to spring water areas, Ermaner said, even though we have experienced a small decrease in the patients and visitors, this might help us and increase our visitors.

Normally a liter of water at 28 degrees has only 300 milligrams of minerals, Ermaner said. However in Kurşunlu spring water facilities the water is 95 degrees and there are 2,172 milligrams of minerals in per liter, which makes the facility unique.

Each year the Manisa Health Ministry does analysis, added Ermaner, noting that the water of Kurşunlu is clean and healthy.