Kurdish series celebrates gala in Şanlıurfa

Kurdish series celebrates gala in Şanlıurfa

ŞANLIURFA - Doğan News Agency
The first original Kurdish language TV series, which was shot in Şanlıurfa, held a gala night with a ceremony in the city. The series, titled “Cigaremin” will be on the TRT Şeş channel. The TV series was shot in the Kurdish language. Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek also attended to the gala.

Şimşek said: “My parents were not able to speak Turkish and they did not even understand it very well. I wish they also saw these developments in Turkey. This is a proud event for us.”

Şimşek also spoke in Kurdish. “Turkey has changed a lot,” he said. “Our country is going through revolutionary times.”

Kurdish musician Fate sang Kurdish folk songs during the gala night. Şimşek also spoke about Nevruz and the celebrations to take place March 21. Şimşek said the celebrations should be done together and everyone, Turkish or Kurdish, would celebrate this event.

Speaking during the ceremony, TRT’s general manager, İbrahim Şahin said, “Şanlıurfa is a very important city in Turkey’s history.”