‘Knut The Dreamer’: Berlin Zoo picks memorial to dead bear

‘Knut The Dreamer’: Berlin Zoo picks memorial to dead bear

BERLIN - Agence France-Presse
‘Knut The Dreamer’: Berlin Zoo picks memorial to dead bear

This picture shows the model of the winning sculpture, ‘Knut The Dreamer’ by sculptor Josef Tabachnyk, which was one of 40 entries for a memorial to deceased bear. AFP photo

Fans of Knut, the cuddly polar bear that captured hearts worldwide, will soon be able to visit a
memorial at Berlin Zoo after the winning design for the shrine was unveiled Friday.

The winner, chosen from 40 entries, was “Knut The Dreamer” by sculptor Josef Tabachnyk, showing the snowy-white bear reclining lazily on rocks in his pen at Berlin Zoo, said the head of the Friends of the Capital Zoos, Thomas Ziolko.

“Knut will live on in the hearts of several visitors, therefore we want to create something permanent for future generations with this memorial, to capture the unique nature of this animal celebrity,” said Ziolko.
Knut, who died suddenly aged four from a suspected brain seizure last year, had shot to fame as an ueber-sweet cub after being abandoned by his mother and reared by hand.

When he died, devastated fans left flower bouquets, written tributes and photos of Knut at his former den at the zoo, while an online condolence book drew thousands of messages.

The first public appearance of “Cute Knut” attracted 100 camera crews from around the world and the cub generated millions of euros for Berlin Zoo.

The memorial was expected to cost around 15,000 euros.

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