Karsu, Civilization Choir perform Atatürk’s favorite songs

Karsu, Civilization Choir perform Atatürk’s favorite songs

Karsu, Civilization Choir perform Atatürk’s favorite songs

Turkish Jazz singer Karsu Dönmez and Antakya Civilizations Choir perform favorite songs of modern Türkiye founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on the occasion of the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day on May 19.

Within the scope of the “You in Songs” project by private lender Garanti BBVA, Karsu and the choir performed “Çökertme” and “Yemen Türküsü,” the well-known Turkish folk songs.

“I am very glad to be a part of such a meaningful project. Our ancestors started a struggle in our occupied country in 1919 with great hope. His [Atatürk’s] hope has become a light for us and his struggle has illuminated our path,” Karsu expressed while speaking about the event.

“In order to carry the spirit of May 19 to today, we sang two songs Atatürk loved to listen to. It was a very emotional moment for me. I felt like Atatürk was with me while singing the songs. I hope we could make the listeners feel the same way,” Karsu added.

Yılmaz Özfırat, the conductor of the choir, recalled that “as the Antakya Civilizations Choir, we have given more than 2,000 concerts in many parts of the world since 2007.”

Founded in 2007, the choir comprises many amateur artists from different languages, religions and ethnic backgrounds. While seven members died in the Feb. 6 earthquakes that jolted the country’s south, many members of the choir were also rescued from the rubble.

“When such a meaningful project came to us after we experienced such a disaster [Feb. 6 earthquakes], we were very excited,” Özfırat said.

“The spirit of May 19 and the process that prepared the country for the War of Independence is the same spirit as the whole country’s mobilization for us in the destruction we recently experienced.”

“We see that the whole country can be one heart on the path the great leader has drawn for us. The understanding of Atatürk and transferring this feeling to future generations via his favorite songs are invaluable,” Özfırat stated.

Garanti BBVA General Manager Recep Baştuğ said that the Antakya Civilizations Choir is a very valuable formation that symbolizes the importance that the historical district attaches to cultural values, diversity, art and the culture of reconciliation.

“Over the years, they have introduced the songs of different cultures to the masses. By making use of the healing power of art, we will continue to stand by those affected by the earthquakes and work to heal without forgetting it,” Baştuğ said.

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