Karatay Diet: Turkey's alternative to Dukan

Karatay Diet: Turkey's alternative to Dukan

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Karatay Diet: Turkeys alternative to Dukan

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The long-debated “Karatay Diet” book, a national best seller in its category, has already acquired itself considerable fame in Turkey amid other protein-based, anti-carbohydrate diets.
The book’s author, cardiologist Canan Karatay repeatedly underlines the difference of her dietary discipline from the others out there by claiming it is the most suitable type of dietary program for Turkish eating habits.

Professor Karatay claims the chief cause of high cholesterol levels is insulin-resistance, as opposed to the medical consensus on fat consumption. The Karatay Diet’s fundamental prohibitions are high-carbohydrate foods, including bread, fruit juices and other sweet soft drinks, all types of processed food and delicatessen. It allows only a limited amount of fruit. The reason behind this is to break the body’s leptin and insulin resistance, which is a direct result of the constant circulation of the leptin and insulin hormones in blood, which Karatay sees as the chief cause of weight-gain.   

A five-day special report on the Karatay Diet will begin on Monday, May 7, at the Hürriyet Daily News website and in print edition.