Joan Baez apologizes for remarks made after Turkey’s coup attempt

Joan Baez apologizes for remarks made after Turkey’s coup attempt

Joan Baez apologizes for remarks made after Turkey’s coup attempt Folk singer Joan Baez, who canceled her concert in İzmir scheduled on Aug. 12 after the bloody military coup attempt of July 15, has apologized to Turkey after saying the situation there posed “an immense and unpredictable danger.” 

“I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like the immense and unpredictable danger which presents itself in today’s Turkey,” Baez said while announcing the cancelation of her concert last week, drawing criticism from fans in Turkey. 

Upon the reactions to her remarks, Baez made a new statement on her Facebook page on July 25, apologizing for what she described as “not thoughtful” remarks. 

“In seeing the response to parts of my letter cancelling my concerts in Turkey, I’d like to say to anyone who may have felt hurt, confused, insulted, or angry at my words, I am deeply sorry,” she wrote, continuing as follows:

“I was expressing my personal reactions as they came to me, sitting in front of a television, watching the events unfolding in Turkey. My response came with my own many assumptions, and in hindsight, many words were not diplomatic or even thoughtful. They were what came to my mind, heart, and directly to my pen without censorship. Clearly some were observations I could have kept to myself.

“The decision to cancel my concerts was agonizing, which is why it came so late. I kept hoping the streets would become quiet, the mood calm. I wanted so badly to be there, and if I could still sing a whole concert without the help of my musicians, I would probably have come on my own. But I cannot, and could not in good conscience insist that anyone come with me.

“In the end it is not so much myself I would be trying to protect, as my own public. The warnings to avoid crowds do not seem unrealistic.

“In closing, however, I repeat that if what was meant to be a letter of solidarity caused more wounds than support, I am profoundly sorry.”