İzmir heritage sites filling state coffers

İzmir heritage sites filling state coffers

İzmir heritage sites filling state coffers

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Revenue from İzmir’s ancient city reached 3 million Turkish Liras during the first five months of the year while the UNESCO-recognized Bergama (Pergamon) Museum raised 31,000 liras over the time period, according to officials.

According to information provided by the İzmir Culture and Tourism Directorate, the Archaeology Museum, History and Art Museum, Agora, Ephesus Museum, St. Jean, Yamaç Evler (Terrace Houses), Bergama Museum, Acropolis, Asklepieion, Basilica and Çeşme Museum were visited by a total of 918,794 people between Jan. 1 and May 31. 

The revenues that the province obtained from the museums and ancient sites increased by 12 percent, in comparison to the same period of last year, reaching 4.738 million liras. 

Ephesus made the lion’s share of the revenue, attracting 515,956 visitors and bringing 3.2 million liras into state coffers in the first five months of 2015.

The number of people who visited the Terrace Houses, located near Ephesus, was 42,372, producing 301,545 liras in revenue.

İzmir heritage sites filling state coffers

Bergama on rise

During the 38th World Heritage Committee held in Doha, Bergama was approved by 21 countries to join the UNESCO World Heritage List. Subsequently, the site has witnessed a massive rise in the number of visiting tourists.

A gateway to history with its cultural heritage, Bergama was known as Pergamon in ancient times and was considered one of the most important centers for culture and arts during the Hellenistic period. 

It was a major center of learning in the ancient world and home to one of the biggest libraries during the period. The city contains layers and remains from the Hellenistic, Roman, East Roman and Ottoman periods, while ancient Pergamon consists of nine sites including the acropolis, seven tumuli or burial mounds and the rock-cut Kybele Holy Site.

The museum in the district, now UNESCO’s 999th heritage site, was visited by 10,805 people and the museum’s revenues reached 31,800 liras to May. 

The History and Arts Museum, which opened in 2004 in Kültürpark, increased the number of visitors by 211 percent over the first five months of the year. The museum was visited by 5,642 people, raising 8,025 liras.

İzmir heritage sites filling state coffers