Italian girl takes care of Gaziantep’s cats

Italian girl takes care of Gaziantep’s cats

GAZİANTEP – Anadolu Agency
Italian girl takes care of Gaziantep’s cats

Erica Lucato, a 29-year-old Italian who came to the southeastern province of Gaziantep within the scope of the European Voluntary Service, is voluntarily taking care of stray cats there. 

Spending her own money on looking after the cats, Lucato strolls around the streets every day to feed them. 

Lucato said she was a graduate in linguistics and said she was in Gaziantep for the two-month project. 

She said she was working on social responsibility projects, including for Syrians. 

“I have been feeding the cats here for three weeks. I counted nearly 20 cats in the first week. They were small and weak. I could touched their bones. This is why I decided to feed them. There are also sick ones; they have problems in their eyes and ears. Now, I leave water and food for them,” she said. 

The Italian animal lover said she also fed animals in the cat house by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. 

“I spent all pocket money the EU gave me but I do not complain. I love cats when they are around me and I am very happy to feed them,” said Lucato. 

She also said that she liked Gaziantep. 

“This place reminds me of southern Italy. I liked the food very much. I visited the historical places. I liked the Zeugma Museum and the castle most. People are friendly here; they greet me when I feed the cats. They know me now,” said Lucato.