Italian archaeologists meet in Istanbul symposium

Italian archaeologists meet in Istanbul symposium

Italian archaeologists meet in Istanbul symposium

Various European institutes accompany the excavation teams in Türkiye, which are formed with the support of relevant universities, public institutions and in some places the private sector. European archaeologists work as the head of the excavations in many ancient cities in the country. Among them are Italians, working at the excavations carried out in 13 ancient cities.

These Italian archaeologists came together at a symposium held at the Istanbul Italian Cultural Center, organized under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Ankara, with the contribution of Ambassador Giorgio Marrapodi, on Nov. 17-18.

During the symposium, archaeologists talked about the excavations, the discovery process, the finds and their goals. Among the most important Italian archeology missions in Anatolia are Malatya-Arslantepe, Gaziantep-Karkamış, Yozgat-Uşaklı Höyük, Niğde-Kınık Höyük, Mersin-Yumuktepe, Kayseri-Kültepe and Mersin-Elaiussa.

Excavations in Malatya’s Arslantepe Mound, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list last year, have been continuing for 60 years. Professor Francesca Balossi Restelli has been the excavation director since 2020, and the work continues with the contributions of 20 different institutions from nine countries.

Together with the Rome Restoration Institute, architectural structures are being examined in order to better understand the monumental structures.

Collaborations are also made with women in the region to contribute to the visibility of the ancient city.

Excavations in Mersin Yumuktepe, one of the largest mounds in Cilicia, have been headed by Bari Aldo Moro University Archeology Department Professor Giulio Palumbi with a team of 13 people.

A road map of the new era is being made within the framework of the issues determined by Professor Isabella Caneva, who headed the excavations for 28 years.

The Italian archaeological missions in Türkiye are working in close cooperation with Turkish academic institutions to develop the vast archaeological heritage in Anatolia. Each of them is making great efforts to illuminate history.

Italy and Türkiye continue acting together to promote mutual prosperity and peace, united by deep ties at the level of civil societies that nurture this bilateral relationship,” said Ambassador Marrapodi. The record of the symposium will be shared on the social media accounts of the Italian Cultural Center in the coming days.