Istanbul’s neighborhood ‘tastes like design’

Istanbul’s neighborhood ‘tastes like design’

Istanbul’s neighborhood ‘tastes like design’

Yılmaz Zenger

Istanbul’s Kadıköy neighborhood, which was known as Khalkedon in ancient times, is hosting a design event titled “Taste of Istanbul.” 

The neighborhood opened its walls and parks for the event and artists who contributed to the project, which is being organized within the scope of the third Istanbul Design Biennial’s “Creative Neighborhoods” program. 

For the event, Kadıköy’s Yoğurtçu Park is hosting colorful sculptures created by Yılmaz Zenger, while the nearby walls have been painted by Gamze Yalçın. Various artists also shaped and painted wood pieces as a homage to nature. Along with nature, the other themes of the event include pagan culture, agricultural society, Christianity and Islamic cultures. 

The main hub of the event is Design Park, a design house established in 2010 and situated next to the park.

“We managed to bring together designers who touched Kadıköy one way or another. We aimed at creating an environment for people to come together with artists. We believe that the design process goes through the entire existence of human race, and this is a good opportunity to cherish it,” said Nursema Öztürk, the founder of Design Park. 

Talks, workshops and book signing events will be organized throughout the event that will continue until Nov. 20.