Istanbul prepares to host ‘Orizzontitaliani’ events

Istanbul prepares to host ‘Orizzontitaliani’ events

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Istanbul prepares to host ‘Orizzontitaliani’ events

This year’s ‘Orizzontitaliani 2012’ (Italian Horizons) events will start with the percussion group Odwalla at the 15th Akbank Jazz Festival.

Percussion group Odwalla will kick off Italian institutions’ events at the 15th Akbank Jazz Festival, the program from the event series titled “Orizzontitaliani 2012” (Italian Horizons 2012) has revealed.

“We aimed to be interesting and contemporary and we want to reflect a friendly Italy image to our Turkish friends,” Italy’s Ankara ambassador Gianpaolo Scarante told a press conference held in Venice Palace in Istanbul to launch the event’s program.

“Our aim is to promote Turkey in Italy and Italy in Turkey in the best way that we can,” Scarante said, adding that and art events are the supplementary of the political relations.

“When we know each other better, we can communicate better and trade, cultural activities would develop,” he said, adding that there will be total of 38 events in the “Orizzontitaliani 2011” program this year, including cultural, economic, trade, fashion and art events.

After the percussion group Odwalla, the program will continue with the screening of contemporary Italian cinema in Istanbul’s various cinemas, he said.

Venice Carnival
“Last year’s Venice Carnival will continue this year. The carnival, which will start on Feb. 18, will also host Commedia dell’Arte show.” There will also be the Venice Carnival masks exhibition and a gondola from the year 1800 will be presented, he said. “We will also host a very large carnival ball.”

The volleyball champion Italian Eleonora Lo Bianco team will also come to Turkey in March and meet with Italian schools in Turkey. Italian brands, which are famous in luxury consumption and design, will also visit Turkey in March 29 and present their new products. “Turkish and Italian speakers will gather to talk about medical issues on March 13,” added Scarante. Journalist and writer, Alberto Toso Fei, will visit Istanbul and Ankara to talk about the Venice canal and how it was made.