Istanbul once again to welcome Enrico Macias

Istanbul once again to welcome Enrico Macias

Istanbul once again to welcome Enrico Macias A legend of unforgettable songs, Enrico Macias will come back to Istanbul for a new concert on April 14 due to demand following his concert in Istanbul this past November. 

The concert, organized by IEG Live and Piu Entertainment, will be at Zorlu PSM as a part of Good Music in Town concert series.

While the Algerian War of Independence was raging in 1961, Macias fled Algeria with his wife Suzy and started living in France. With hundreds of recordings, 7 albums, 10 movies and TV series under his belt, Macias has become a legend in music history.

After a musical career of 50 years, Macias continues to be a beloved preformer all around the world with his enchanting voice and charisma, along with sensational concerts, albums and songs with record breaking sales volumes.

Macias’ famous songs include “Zingarella,” “La Guitare,” “Aie Aie Aie,” “Solenzara” and “Le Femme De Mon Ami.” He has many fans in Turkey with over 80 songs covered in Turkish.