Istanbul Comic and Art Festival to be on Kadıköy streets

Istanbul Comic and Art Festival to be on Kadıköy streets

Istanbul Comic and Art Festival to be on Kadıköy streets

Organized by Dream Sales Machine, the Third Istanbul Comics and Art Festival (ICAF) will take place between Sept. 7 and Sept. 9, hosting thousands of art lovers in Club Quartier and the Moda All Saints Church.

The event is a multi-disciplinary open air art festival that offers a creative experience in the field of Urban Arts, including public space installations, comics and illustration stores and exhibitions, workshops, seminars and artist talks. 

The ICAF will go out on the streets with the selected artists two weeks before the festival and overtake Kadıköy. Each artist will produce a project for a select location. The use of common public space and daily life practices will undergo an aesthetic transformation with the touch of the artists. 

This year, the ICAF will host four female graffiti artists with live painting performances. There will also be talks on “existing in the street as a woman.” 

The archive exhibition, which will focus on the visualization process of music through the album covers of local bands produced by illustrating, will bring together two disciplines, music and illustration. 

Within the scope of the exhibition, participants will hear an unreleased song by three Turkish bands and the album covers will be designed during workshops. The designed covers will be printed in CD or vinyl format as the ICAF Special Edition and put on sale during the exhibition. 

The ICAF 2018 animation screenings will focus on the identities of anonymous graffiti artists, the challenges experienced by and the acceptance of female graffiti and street artists into street art culture, the transformation of a city’s identity through the touch of artists, and the multiple personalities of superheroes around this year’s theme of “identity.” 

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