Israeli team’s head returns historical Esther scrolls to Türkiye

Israeli team’s head returns historical Esther scrolls to Türkiye

Israeli team’s head returns historical Esther scrolls to Türkiye

The head of an Israeli rescue team has handed over the historical Book of Esther, which the team carefully removed from the earthquake-hit Antakya Synagogue and carried to their country, to the Jewish Chief Rabbinate in Istanbul.

Israeli media reported that the historical scrolls of the Book of Esther in Antakya Synagogue, which was damaged in the earthquakes, were taken to Israel by the Israeli search and rescue team ZAKA.

It was stated that the historical scrolls were delivered to Haim Otmazgin, the head of ZAKA, to be transported to a safe place.

The person who delivered the scrolls told Otmazgin, “I am afraid that the scrolls will fall into the wrong hands because of our closeness to Syria. Please protect them and make sure we are remembered,” as per claims.

”I am honored to save such an important historical document and to ensure that the legacy of the Jewish community in Antakya remains intact despite the destruction caused by the earthquake,” Otmazgin stated, according to the country’s media.

It was stated that Otmazgin would meet with an official from the Jewish community in Istanbul to find out to who they should entrust the scrolls.

The news caused great reactions on social media, as the Turkish Jewish Community announced that Israel handed over the scrolls.

“The scroll of Esther was delivered from Israel and is kept in our Chief Rabbinate. It will return to its home after the renovation of our Antakya Synagogue,” it said.

Şaul Cenudioğlu, the head of the Antakya Jewish Community, and his wife, Tuna Cenudioğlu, lost their lives in the earthquake.

The Book of Esther is considered a part of the Tanakh, the canonical collection of Hebrew scriptures.

“Our works belonging to all kinds of beliefs and cultures that have existed for centuries within the borders of our country will continue to be carefully protected in these lands,” the Culture and Tourism Ministry stated.

“We will restore our Antakya Synagogue, along with all other damaged registered works, and reopen it to the worship of our citizens,” the ministry said.

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