ISIL resists outside Tal Afar: Iraq

ISIL resists outside Tal Afar: Iraq

ISIL resists outside Tal Afar: Iraq

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An Iraqi military spokesman says Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants are putting up tough resistance in a small area outside the newly liberate town of Tal Afar.

The spokesman for the Joint Military Command, Brig. Gen Yahya Rasool, said the military launched a series of heavy airstrikes and artillery since early yesterday on the militants’ positions in al-Ayadia district, about 10 kilometers northwest of Tal Afar, the Associated Press reported.

In a separate statement, the military said the troops have entered the district, without giving details.

Iraqi forces have in recent days recaptured almost all of the northwestern city of Tal Afar, long a stronghold of ISIL. They have been waiting to take al-Ayadiya before declaring complete victory.

ISIL mortar rounds and sniper fire struck close to the advancing forces. The army hit back with tanks, heavy machineguns and mortars.

Up to 2,000 battle-hardened militants were believed to be defending Tal Afar.