İş Sanat opens concert season in November

İş Sanat opens concert season in November

İş Sanat opens concert season in November

This year İş Sanat will host many important artists from Turkey and abroad in 20 concerts.

The new season, which will open on Nov. 14 with a concert by Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, was launched at a press conference on Oct. 2.

In his opening speech, General Manager Zuhal Üreten stated that İş Sanat celebrates its 20th anniversary with this year’s concert season and said, “We had a full program last year and we hope we will offer a colorful program for art lovers this year, too.”

Last year, 461 artists and 42 events from 20 countries were offered to art lovers, Üreten recalled, adding that in the beginning of the new season, the exhibition “Kybele’s Memory” will open at the Kibele Art Gallery.

She said that the Turkey İş Bank İktisadi Bağımsızlık (Economic Independence) Museum, which was opened in Ankara this year, will also host various events, adding, “In the Ankara Art Gallery, we welcomed the new season with the exhibition ‘Journey to Nazım.’ We decided to extend the “Independence” exhibition in both Ankara and Istanbul due to great interest.”

Art director Defne Turaç said that special projects by well-known orchestras and soloists, dance shows, poetry readings and child plays will be presented in the new season, too.

Among these orchestras will be Europa Galante, “Camerata Royal Concertgebouw, Orchestra Royal de Chambre de Wallonie and Mahle Chamber Orchestra.”

“In one of the concerts this year, we will listen to Berlin Philharmonic’s soloist Stefan Dohr. Also, our artists will be on stage with foreign artists and orchestras. For example, the Tbilisi Symphonic Orchestra, founded by Georgian conductor Djansug Kakhidze, will accompany our internationally acclaimed flute virtuoso Şefika Kutluer,” Turaç said.

[HH] Italian and Cuban melodies at jazz nights

In the jazz and world music selection of the new season, there will be Italian and Cuban melodies.

Cuban composer and pianist Omar Sosa, jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu, Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu, China Moses, bass guitarist Richard Bona, Cuban composer and jazz pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and ‘pocket queen’ drummer Taylor Gordon will be featured in jazz music. In the world music, Gambia-born British musician Sona Jobarteh will meet for the first time with the Turkish listeners.

Portuguese guitarist and singer Antonio Zambujo will meet with music lovers in January. Also, as part of the tour of his new album “No Treasure But Hope,” Tindersticks will give a concert on Feb 15 at İş Towers Hall.

Turaç said that within the scope of the Second Spring events, veteran Turkish musician and composer Özdemir Erdoğan, along with arabesque musician Ümit Besen and Anatolian rock artist Cahit Berkay, will be on the stage of İş Towers Hall.

The new season program will continue through seven months and tickets will be on sale as of Oct.