Inverted tulips a visual feast in Van

Inverted tulips a visual feast in Van

Inverted tulips a visual feast in Van

Inverted tulips, which grow in mountainous regions of Anatolia in the spring and are called “crying bride” by locals, offer a visual feast with their red and yellow colors.

In a graveyard in the Dilmetaş neighborhood of Gevaş district in the eastern province of Van, the inverted tulips play an important role in the promotion of the region.

The neighborhood, which is the subject of many legends and cultures, has a growing number of reversed tulips.

The Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Muzaffer Aktuğ said that the inverted tulips were an endemic species unique to the region.

This tulip species, which are also found in Muş and Hakkari, are very important in terms of nature tourism, Aktuğ said.

“It is possible to see inverted tulips in the villages of Gevaş in the spring. Foreign local guests have great interest in the tulips. The inverted tulips, which were used by many civilizations in history as a symbol, add great value to nature tourism,” he said. “We desire people to see them when they visit the region.”