Int'l tourism film fest kicks off in Cappadocia

Int'l tourism film fest kicks off in Cappadocia

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Intl tourism film fest kicks off in Cappadocia

The 5th International Tourism Film Festival kicked off on Sept. 15 in Turkey’s picturesque Cappadocia region.

The festival is being hosted by Nevsehir, the region’s capital, after previously being held in such cities as Cannes, Berlin, Tokyo, Barcelona and Vienna, said a Culture and Tourism statement.

The annual cultural event brings together public enterprises, tourism companies, local administrations, hotels, agencies, and airlines to boost Turkey’s tourism potential.

It will be attended by filmmakers, social media influencers, and tourism sector representatives from 18 countries who are members of the International Tourism Film Festivals Committee.

Film screenings will be held in the historic Nevsehir Castle on Wednesday and Thursday in line with social distancing measures due to coronavirus.

The awards ceremony, meanwhile, will take place at the Paşabağları archeological site.

Filming opportunities, incentives for foreign films, and Turkey’s new cinema law will also be introduced at the Filming In Turkey web portal.

As many as 28 prizes will be given to films in seven categories including travel, city and regional movies. The winning films will get the opportunity for promotion in 19 countries.

The festival will end on Sept. 18 with a closing ceremony.

Cappadocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its chimney rocks, hot air balloon trips, underground cities, and boutique hotels carved into rocks. It is one of Turkey’s most important tourism regions.