International hot air balloon festival starts in Cappadocia

International hot air balloon festival starts in Cappadocia

International hot air balloon festival starts in Cappadocia

A three-day international hot air balloon festival kicked off in Turkey’s picturesque Cappadocia region on Aug. 28.

Dozens of hot air balloons have brightened up the skies above Cappadocia, a charming touristic hub famed for its fairy chimneys in Turkey as part of the second edition of the international festival, which has been organized by Pasha Balloons, one of the hot air balloon companies operating in the central Nevşehir province.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Halis Aydoğan, chairman of Pasha Balloons, said that besides hot air balloons in the region, some others from Spain and Portugal also participated in the festival.

"There is quite a lot of interest. We expect the festival to continue in the best way possible for three days. Cappadocia is the place where the most balloon flights take place in the world,"Aydoğan added.

In 2022, he said, they aim to hold the festival with more participation from abroad. Nida Olcar, who travelled from the western Kütahya province to participate in the event, said she enjoyed watching the mesmerizing image balloons have created in the sky.

The festival will continue with an evening concert and a light show of hot air balloons.

Cappadocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its chimney rocks, hot air balloon trips, underground cities, and boutique hotels carved into the rocks. It is one of Turkey’s most important touristic regions.