International Cartoon Festival to celebrate Children’s Day

International Cartoon Festival to celebrate Children’s Day

International Cartoon Festival to celebrate Children’s Day

Over 922 other competing cartoons, Ukrainian artist Oleksy Kustovsky’s work won the award of the festival.

The 20th International Ankara Cartoon Festival will be held between April 18 and 20.

At a press conference held yesterday at the Nezih Danyal Cartoon Foundation, cartoonist Nezih Danyal said they had brought cartoonists from around the world and promoted Turkey to the world with the festival, adding, “As the foundation, we have opened exhibitions from Japan to Britain and published some 50 books. We are working to do our best.”

The festival will be held during the 85th Children’s Day activities, which are celebrated in Turkey every year on April 23. Danyal said an exhibition of children’s cartoons would also open as part of the festival and cartoon drawing workshops would be organized.

Also, the international 7-77 Cartoon Competition will be organized under the 20th International Ankara Cartoon Festival. The aim of the competition is to make children familiar with the art of cartooning and to contribute the development of sensitivity towards humor by enriching their world with the help of cartoons. Danyal said, “A total of 922 cartoons were sent to the competition from 22 countries. As a result of jury elimination, Ukrainian Oleksy Kustovsky’s cartoon won the award.”

Cartoon exhibitions can be seen in various galleries in the city.