Interior Ministry says ‘Kurdistan’ name illegal

Interior Ministry says ‘Kurdistan’ name illegal

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Interior Ministry says ‘Kurdistan’ name illegal

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Turkey’s Interior Ministry has warned an association against using the word “Kurdistan” in its name, stating that it would be a crime in accordance with Article 14 of the Turkish Constitution and Article 302 of the Turkish Criminal Code.

The ministry asked the “Kurdistan Youth Movement Association” to leave out Kurdistan from the name after the Diyarbakır Governor’s Office applied to the ministry with regards to the issue, which left the governor’s office unsure of what steps to take.

The ministry said the use of “Kurdistan” in the name would fall under Article 203, which defines the disruption of the country’s unity as a crime, including the formation of any organization with the same goal.

The response to the governor’s office added that not every word, despite not being previously banned by law, could be used as desired to name foundations.

But association member Roger Çager said the association would be formed as planned, under the name of the Kurdistan Youth Movement Association on the grounds that the group did not violate articles 14 and 302 due to its unarmed nature.

“We will not change our name. Once the legal term is completed, there will be a lawsuit for shutting it down. We will fight against that. And if we can’t achieve anything through internal judicial avenues, we will carry this way all the way up the European Court of Human Rights,” Çager said.