Inspiring expat blogs on Turkey

Inspiring expat blogs on Turkey

Emrah Güler
Inspiring expat blogs on Turkey Get to know Turkey through the words of those that have explored the country later in life, but embraced it even more so than many of the original inhabitants. Here’s a look at some of the expat blogs on the land, food and culture

What are the top 10 things to do with your kids in Cappadocia? How do you avoid disappointment if you’re venturing on a holiday romance with Turkish men? What to do when you can’t find butternut squash in a local grocery shop in Turkey? What is the cultural significance of a Turkish circumcision party?

Expat bloggers in Turkey have been portraying a colorful, lively picture of Turkey as they explore the land, the food and the culture. Here’s a look at some of the expat blogs that have earned their devoted followers through the years, and counting.

“Eleven years ago, I left the U.K. to live a life abroad. I didn’t know where I was going to settle down but my travels bought me to Turkey where I am now permanently based.” So writes Natalie Sayin in her blog, “I instantly fell in the love with this country, the history, the culture and people. My aim in life is to explore the whole of Turkey and document my travels on this blog.”

Explore and document is what Sayin has been doing in her blog for over a decade now. She has categorized her articles both geographically and thematically. While she has written, “I really shouldn’t travel because I cannot read maps and always lose my way,” her take on her travels are always unique and insightful beyond standard travel pieces.

Musings of seasoned expats

In her blog, you can read about spotting loggerhead sea turtles in Simena, or unusual and cool things to do in Istanbul, that include Ottoman jewelry workshop in Grand Bazaar, the street art tour, mushroom hunt and picnic, as well as rowing. Sayin has pondered over the history and culture, like in a recent article on why the town of Selçuk, where the ancient ruins of Ephesus is based, is ignored in tours.

Don’t miss also her infectious take on the culture, from Turkish men and holiday romance, to difficulties of working in Turkey as an expat, and the Turkish circumcision party that had left her baffled. Her articles range from tips on driving and biking to details on mobile Internet accession, to visa information and traveling on a budget.

In another blog, Adventures in Ankara, former Philadelphia lawyer Terry takes on the capital city of Ankara and Turkish cuisine. Having fallen in love with a Turkish man, Terry has been living in Ankara, and writing about it, since 2009. The naïve explorations of her early days have now left themselves to the assured musings of a seasoned expat.

Basically, she writes in about her day-to-day life here with beautiful photos to compliment. Terry has taken it on herself to help expats stand on their two feet after having moved to Turkey, more specifically to Ankara. She has everything from cell phone registration to detailed articles for kids and parents to do in Ankara.

The Culinary Corner in the blog is an exploration of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries in Ankara, as well as recipes from Turkish cuisine. You will also find a comprehensive list of substitute food when you’re grocery shopping and where to find them. What is the substitute for butternut squash, or where to find cranberries are all on Terry’s alternative grocery lists.

Regional blogs on Turkey

A more regional blog is Archers of Okçular at, by Alan from Kent who has lived in the Okçular village near Dalyan for nearly two decades. The blog will not only be interesting to expats and visitors to Turkey, but to Turks as well, who would like to follow Alan’s personal take on living in a Turkish village, and his impressive knowledge of history, and nature.

Check the blog also for the Okçular Book Project, where the purchase of books, “Okçular Village – a Guide” and “Backways & Trackways,” will contribute to environmental and community projects in the Okçular.

With the motto of “capturing the heart of Cappadocia,” another regional blog is Captivating Cappadocia by Duke, an American expat living in the beautiful land of the fairy chimneys. It might be the most comprehensive website on the region, with each entry more captivating and fun than the previous one.
In Duke’s lists of Top 10s, you will find anything from 10 things to do with your kids in Cappadocia to top 10 grocery stores in the area, and 10 fascinating facts about Cappadocia. features pieces from contributing writers as well, like Christian, an English teacher living in Avanos, or Aaron, an American tradesman who has been bringing tourists to the region from North America for several years. Get to know Turkey through the words of those that have explored the country later in life, but embraced it even more so than many of the original inhabitants.