Inspectors assigned for deadly avalanches in Van

Inspectors assigned for deadly avalanches in Van

Inspectors assigned for deadly avalanches in Van

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The Interior Ministry has assigned three inspectors for an investigation into death of at least 41 people in two avalanches in Turkey’s eastern province of Van, according to a statement Feb. 7.

Three civil inspectors will “inquire and investigate every aspect of the two avalanche incidents,” the statement said.

The first avalanche buried a minibus in the Bahçesaray district of Van province on Feb. 4, killing five people and leaving two others trapped under the snow.

The next day, dozens of people including search and rescue experts, firefighters, gendarmeries and village guards were engulfed by the second avalanche. While most of them were rescued, at least 41 were killed, according to the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD).

Meanwhile, search and rescue efforts for a firefighter continues with difficulties caused by heavy snow and risk of another avalanche.

“In the avalanche zone, where we reached three dead bodies today, professional teams will work to reach one firefighter who is considered to be under the avalanche,” said a statement by the governor’s office in Van late on Feb. 6.

“Search and rescue activities will start after the evaluation of the technical committee on the Feb. 7 (Friday) with the daylight,” it said in a statement.

The search efforts resumed early on Feb. 7 but were suspended again as of noon. A limited number of search and rescue experts would stay at the nearest gendarmerie station, the statement said.