Influence of ‘common field’ approached by Barış Cihanoğlu

Influence of ‘common field’ approached by Barış Cihanoğlu

Influence of ‘common field’ approached by Barış Cihanoğlu Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Istanbul’s Gallery İlayda will be hosting Barış Cihanoğlu’s solo painting exhibition “Common Field.”

Cihanoğlu is known among younger generations of contemporary artists for his unique figurative works as well as his extraordinary paintings on canvas and burnt wooden surfaces with special techniques.

While deformations that symbolize the flow of mind that we have witnessed in the artist’s style and which we often see in recent portraits continue, we see more the influence of the “common field” approach, which has recently expressed by modern science in his new works.

According to this approach, all living and non-living things that make up the whole being are also organized by unseen, undetected energy fields outside of known energy and materials. The effects of these areas do not depend on time and space. The main idea is that everything is controlled by some kind of holistic dimension or power. Everything we perceive in the world depends on a “common field” with an implicit vibrational frequency.

The exhibition, which began on Jan. 20, can be seen at Gallery İlayda through Feb. 26.