İdil Biret concert canceled in Adana

İdil Biret concert canceled in Adana

ADANA – Doğan News Agency
İdil Biret concert canceled in Adana A concert to be performed by internationally acclaimed Turkish pianist İdil Biret in the southern province of Adana has been canceled by the Adana Governor’s Office for safety reasons. 

The concert was set to be organized on Jan. 5 for the 25th anniversary of the Çukurova State Symphonic Orchestra (ÇDSO) and celebrations to mark the liberation of the city from foreign forces after their occupation following World War I.

Along with the concert at the Metropolitan Municipality Theater Hall, folkloric shows that were scheduled during a flag-raising ceremony in Uğur Mumcu Square at the Büyük Saat Clock Tower were also canceled, as was another concert set for Jan. 6 by a teachers’ choir.

“Some events to be organized for the 95th anniversary of Adana’s liberation have been canceled due to terror events in our country,” the Adana Governor’s Office said.

The ÇDSO committee was subsequently informed that the governor’s office had reconsidered the decision and decided to only cancel the celebratory events, not the orchestra concert. 

The orchestra gathered to re-evaluate the decision, but it was reported that Biret had already left the city.