Iceland’s left, center to seek new coalition government

Iceland’s left, center to seek new coalition government

Iceland’s left, center to seek new coalition government Iceland’s four left-wing and center opposition parties announced on Oct. 27 that they had reached an agreement to form a coalition ahead of a snap election which they are on course to win.  

The anti-establishment Pirate Party, the Left-Green Movement, the Social Democrats, and the centrist Bright Future released a joint statement ahead of the Oct. 29 poll.

“We think the cooperation of these parties would be a clear alternative against present government parties, which could create a new opportunity for Icelandic society,” the parties said. 

“On the basis of this we believe there is ample reason to explore the possibilities of forming a majority government if we get the authority to do so in the upcoming elections.”

The outgoing coalition consists of the center-right Progress Party, which was dealt a blow after its former Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson quit over the Panama Papers scandal, and the right-wing Independence Party, which is in a near-tie with the Pirate Party, according to latest polls.

The alliance between the opposition parties leaves considerable room for post-election horse-trading.
At this stage, it is difficult to determine who will become the prime minister if the parties win. 

“If the result of the election will give us opportunity to form the government with opposition parties, that’s what we want to do,” Katrin Jakobsdottir, leader of the Left-Green movement told AFP.

“We think that these parties can cooperate very well, they have many common issues. I think it will be a very feasible governmental choice.”