İbrahim Tatlıses returns with 'Miracle'

İbrahim Tatlıses returns with 'Miracle'

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İbrahim Tatlıses returns with Miracle

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Famous folk singer İbrahim Tatlıses is preparing to release a new album, titled "Miracle."

Tatlıses has been undergoing physical therapy since he sustained injuries to his head in an armed attack in March.

A total of 12 songs will be in the new album, three of which were composed by Tatlıses, producer Polat Yağcı said

"I am counting down the days to share this miracle God has bestowed upon me with my fans," Tatlıses was quoted as saying.

"Miracle" will be Tatlıses' 43rd album.

Tatlıses will continue his recovery at the Turkish Armed Forces Physical Rehabilitation Center, according to reports