Hunger for attention reason for torment to animals: Expert

Hunger for attention reason for torment to animals: Expert

Hunger for attention reason for torment to animals: Expert

A debate has stirred on the necessity of a new animal rights law and the sanctions imposed on those who torment animals after a man in the Black Sea province of Samsun cut off the front limbs of his dog following his neighbor who broke the dog’s legs as a punishment for attacking his poultry.

Sefa Bulut, an expert on guidance and psychological counseling from Ibn Haldun University, said that the hunger for getting social attention was the theoretical basis of cruelty to animals. She also noted that such behavior that drives one to abuse animals develops at an early age usually.

Noting the recent increase in violence against animals and the psychological reasons behind this cruelty, the expert said that the news about animal abuse and cruelty could be frequently seen in the media almost every day.

“One of the common theories of persecuting animals is that people who do not receive enough public attention and approval reflect the anger they feel towards society,” Bulut said, adding that the reason why animals are chosen as subjects is that they can be fought with more easily.

Stating that one out of every four criminals with aggressive behavior treats animals badly, according to his research, Bulut said that violence against animals might be the result of a trend that could be linked to other crimes rather than an isolated incident.

Bulut also noted his recommendations for preventing violence against animals.

“Basic training should be given, and the person taking care of the animal should be aware of the responsibility during the adoption phase of animals,” he said, adding that it was necessary to guide lawmakers by giving ideas and support to legal regulations.

Last week in Samsun, a furious neighbor broke a Golden Retriever’s front legs accusing that the dog was attacking his chickens.

The 3-year-old dog was left to writhe in pain for three days before the owner decided to chop off its limbs with an ax.