Hugh Jackman’s Istanbul show canceled

Hugh Jackman’s Istanbul show canceled

Hugh Jackman’s Istanbul show canceled

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Hollywood actor and musician Hugh Jackman’s show “An Evening with Hugh Jackman” in Istanbul has been canceled due to a hemorrhage in his vocal cords.

According to a statement from the actor’s doctor, İsmail Koçak, on March 18, the second leg of Jackman’s show has been canceled due to bleeding in the artist’s left vocal cord.

“Hugh Jackman is being treated because of a hemorrhage in his left vocal cord. The joint decision we made with Mr. Jackman’s doctor in the U.S. is that it is not possible for him to perform in this condition. He can continue his shows after his treatment,” Koçak said.

In a statement on his Twitter account, the Australian actor said: “Merhaba. I have a left vocal hemorrhage. [On the] advice of Dr. Koçak, Dr. [Gwen] Korovin I will cancel my shows in Turkey. Make no mistake, I’ll be back!”

The cost of the tickets will be paid back after March 19.

Jackman’s first live performance at the Zorlu Center in Istanbul took place on March 17. The remaining shows were set to continue until March 20.