Horse reunites with foal in western Turkey

Horse reunites with foal in western Turkey

BURSA / iZMİR - Anadolu Agency
Horse reunites with foal in western Turkey

A horse, which was abandoned to death on a remote land in the northwestern province of Balıkesir’s Erdek district, has reunited with her foal

With the call of animal lover Aysel Şengüder on social media, the horse drew the attention of the Anatolian People and Peace Platform (AHBAP), which was founded by Turkish singer Haluk Levent, and was taken under treatment at Bursa Uludağ University Veterinary Faculty. 

The horse, who had difficulty getting up, was discharged being treated by a veterinarian. It was first taken to Erdek by AHBAP members to reunite with her foal and together, the horse and her foal were taken to their permanent homes on a farm in İzmir. 

Speaking about the treatment, the faculty’s doctoral student Zeynep Merve Mutlu said the horse had given birth short time ago. 

“We found out she did not have any gynecological problems. But the real problem was that she was undernourished. We do not know its age and what health conditions she had before coming to us. We did our best for her treatment. She does not have any problem other than her wounds. We helped her to get back up and she got up after three days. She is fine now,” said Mutlu. 

AHBAP Bursa Chair Yeşim Yılmaz said the veterinarians did everything for the horse to get back up. 

“She has a very different life now and is very happy with her baby,” Yılmaz said.