Hittite Kingdom to be revived in Hattusha

Hittite Kingdom to be revived in Hattusha

ÇORUM – Anadolu Agency
Hittite Kingdom to be revived in Hattusha A recreated Hittite village, which is set to be built in the Central Anatolian province of Çorum, home to the ancient site of Hattusha, will revive the life of the Hittite kingdom 3,500 years ago. 

The ancient site is notable for its cuneiform inscriptions, one of the most important discoveries at the site, consisting of official correspondence and contracts, as well as legal codes, procedures for cult ceremonies, oracular prophecies and literature of the ancient Near East. The cuneiforms entered the UNESCO Memory of the World list in 2001.

Once the capital of the Hittite kingdom, Hattusha is the only ancient site on both UNESCO lists. Today, the site is located in the Boğazkale district, which has become a national park. 

It is surrounded by six kilometers of walls and considered one of Turkey’s the most important cultural treasures with its monumental gates, 31 unearthed temples, huge granaries and the Yazılıkaya Open Air Temple.

The Hittite village project is being conducted by the Boğazkale District Governor’s Office to draw more tourists to the region. 

District Gov. Osman Aydoğan said that because of the 30th anniversary of the inclusion of Hattusha in the UNESCO World Heritage List, they had organized various projects and events. He said a workshop was also organized last year to promote Hattusha to the world.

He said the Hittite village project, which will be established on a field of 7,000 square meters in the center of the district, had received support from the Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA) as well as the provincial special administration, and that an investment of over 1 million Turkish Liras would be made for the project. 

Life 3,500 years ago 

Aydoğan said the daily life of the Hittites 3,500 years ago would be revived in the village.

“Because the ancient city is 3,500 years old, our artifacts are basic ones. We designed a big Hittite village to be built with Hittite architecture. Their daily life will be revived in the village and tourists will be able to spend the night there. Just like in the Hittites, we will build stone and adobe structures with a lion’s gate. It will have a backyard, shops, king’s room, prison, bakeshop and iron work shop.”

Within the scope of the project, souvenir shops, view terraces and cafes will also be built. 

“Our goal is to show visitors how Hittite people lived 3,500 years ago. With the promotional materials, the project cost will be over 1 million liras. This will be the first of its kind in Turkey. For the first time, a Hittite village will be built with Hittite architecture. Among our other projects, this is the most prestigious one,” Aydoğan said.