Highways earnings are three times investments

Highways earnings are three times investments

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
The Directorate General for Highways’ total revenue contribution to the country’s national budget was nearly 38 billion Turkish Liras last year, while the volume of investments remained at one third of these revenues. Total investments amounted to 12.1 billion liras in 2011.

Meanwhile, the Directorate General for Highways’ total expenditure in 2011, including items other than investments, was 14.9 billion.

It received 2.5 times this amount in tax and toll revenues.

Since highways are the most preferred means of transportation in practically all countries around the world, data analyzed in many countries indicate that public investments in highways are an extremely value added proposition.

Highway transportation is an economic activity all on its own and is closely related to all other sectors, as it services the automotive, petroleum, logistics, transportation, and construction sectors.

Highways are linked to all sectors of the economy
On a socio-economic basis, highways add to an increase in production and employment, lower production costs, provide tourism links and promote efficiency in all sectors, while leading to the further development of different regions.

The contribution of the highway web to the 2011 national budget is as follows:
- The Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on vehicles: 8.5 billion liras.
- The SCT on fuel: 16.8 billion liras
- The Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel: 6.3 billion liras.
- Tax on vehicles: 6 billion liras
- The VAT on highway and bridge revenues: 136.2 million liras.
The total of these budget items adds 37.9 billion liras to Turkey’s national budget.