Highlands of Black Sea still offer isolated vacations

Highlands of Black Sea still offer isolated vacations

Highlands of Black Sea still offer isolated vacations

The highlands that lie in the foothills of the Kaçkar Mountains in the eastern Black Sea region attract thousands of tourists every year due to its natural beauty. The natural beauties that run parallel to the sea have been among the top preferences of local tourists in the past years.

Despite a significant decrease in interest so far this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, tourism in the region is gearing up speed again with the gradual removal of travel restrictions. The faicilities in the higlands offer various alternatives to especially those who prefer an isolated vacation.

The peaks of the mountain, which are covered with thick forests in white with the effect of snowfall in April and May, offer nature lovers insatiable views. They can spend time alone with nature by organizing daily hikes and camping programs.

The mountain, which has an altitude of 3,937 meters, is Turkey’s fourth highest peak and is among the 200 ecological regions under protection.

Sharing boundaries with Rize’s Çamlıhemşin district and Artvin’s Yusufeli district, Kaçkar offers visitors a pleasant walk opportunity with its glacial lakes and valleys, and it also stands out with its 33 highlands.

The valleys where plant and animal diversity is concentrated, such as Fırtına and Hemşin creeks, are among the places frequented by guests.

The mountain is home to more than 1,000 plant varieties, 54 of which are endemic.

[HH] Ayder Highland

Ayder Highland is the most famous spot for those who visit the region. Also, some of the most widely preferred trekking tracks in the Black Sea region are around of Ayder.

Trekking tours are very popular among photographer and many come to capture splendid shots of picturesque highlands, endless seas and green forests standing together.

The highland, which is the tourism locomotive of the region, has a bed capacity of about 3,000.

“Although the track is tiring, the weather is extremely good. We have seen all the beauties of the Black Sea. We saw the sun during the day and the cold at night. First time on the team were amazed,” said Ömer Mertyürek, one of the members of a hiking team visiting the region.

“People’s interest in nature increased after the pandemic. I hope it will be a process that saves nature for all humanity. We need nature,” he added.