HDP lawmaker Ahmet Şık announces resignation

HDP lawmaker Ahmet Şık announces resignation

HDP lawmaker Ahmet Şık announces resignation

Opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) lawmaker and investigative journalist Ahmet Şık announced his resignation from the party on May 4.

“I resigned from the HDP because of a dominant understanding among the party’s management, excluding our co-chairs, insisting on an approach contrary to democratic practices [and] further away from the HDP’s strength, meaning and values,” Şık said in a Twitter post.

Şık said that he gave his resignation to the party on April 1. The decision was made official on May 4.

He said that his decision was a “reflection of an individual political approach” and said should not be a matter for “conspiracy theories.”

After Şık declared his resignation, the HDP’s executive board also made an announcement on Twitter.

“We have worked with Mr. Ahmet Şık since the June 2018 elections and have been in efforts together. The resignation is his own decision,” the HDP said.

“The HDP will continue its works, aware of its political and historical responsibility,” it added.