Hatay’s gastronomy museum to reflect the culinary history

Hatay’s gastronomy museum to reflect the culinary history

HATAY – Anatolia News Agency
Hatay’s gastronomy museum to reflect the culinary history

Gastronomy museum in Hatay will display 650 different foods’ history. AA photo

Hatay, which is home to many different civilizations and races as well as some of Turkey’s richest cuisine, is now set to become home to a new culinary museum.

The museum will host many different kitchen accessories that have been used since Roman times in the area. The museum will also display food and culinary tastes.

The museum will also detail how Hatay’s culinary tastes were created with a mixture of French, Arab and Turkish fusion. Hatay is famous for its cold and hot mezes, such as humus and Zahter salad, which is made using a spice that is especially used in Arab foods.

Antakya Chamber of Trade and Industry (ATSO) President Hikmet Çinçin said they had bought three ancient Antakya houses and would turn them into a museum to present the famous culinary tastes of the southern province.

The museum will display 650 different foods, as well as kitchen accessories from Roman times. The museum will cost 2 million dollars, and it is expected that the museum will attract lots of gourmet cooks from all over the world.

“In Turkey, only Gaziantep has a culinary museum. Hatay will be the second. We want everyone to donate to the museum,” he said.

The aim of the museum is to present the culinary culture of Hatay and revive the gastronomy tourism,” Çinçin said.